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Tips for arranging work visa through União Estável (São Paulo)

Dear all, I’m planning to move to São Paulo in May this year to live with my Brazilian partner in Vila Nova Conceição. I just returned from a two week visit and I really liked your crazy city!!

Our plan is to arrange a União Estável (Stable Union) through one of the cártorios and then apply for my work visa based on that contract. However, it is quite hard to get the right information from the Ministério do Trabalho/Conselho Nacional da Imigração since they are reluctant to pick up the phone at any time. My partner will go there to ask information, but it would be great to receive some tips from someone who has already been through this process. We have consulted some lawyers, but we’re getting different answers and they are very expensive. My questions are:

- How do I apply for a work visa once we have the União Estável?
- Which documents do I need from my home country to apply for the work visa?
- How long will it take to receive my work visa?
- Do I need to leave the country to pick up my visa? If so, for how long should I leave?

I’m also interested in Brazilians who might have relevant contacts for me to get this information. I would like to prepare myself very well before going to Brazil again so that I don’t have to go back to The Netherlands for some documents.

Thank you in advance!

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