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Customs clearance for wine from USA (Seoul)

My family and I will be moving to Seoul in April for my new work assignment. One of the things that we have not been able to find satisfactory answer to is how to import wine - either hand carried on the plane or via air/sea shipment with our household goods. I have been told that good wine is hard (expensive) to come by in Seoul, so we would like to bring some with us when we come.

I have read (e.g. Protected content that "wine can be brought into Korea duty-free as long as you include a certificate of origin validating the product is originating from the U.S." My question is this: Has anyone had experience doing this successfully? What is required for the 'certificate of origin'? I certainly don't want to arrive in customs and get hit with 69% tax on a couple cases of wine!

A related question: What food items do expats in Seoul like to try to bring in with them? i.e. What food is hard to find or exceptionally expensive in Seoul that you like to buy while in the USA and carry back with you?

I'm sure I'm going to have a lot more questions for this group as the next couple of months progress -- looking forward to this new adventure for our family!



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