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Newsletter유행: visit the world of Korean trends! (Seoul)


Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well 🙂 You may remember me from my last post, which invited you to take a survey on your interest in Korean products/content as they appear in Korean media, culture, and entertainment. The goal was to make an English-language newsletter presenting trendy Korean goods as a part of a context-driven, coherent story. We’d also include info on how to access these products in different countries. Almost 4 months ((😦!!) have passed since then, and the direction of our newsletter has changed slightly, but we’d like to give you all a (very late but sincere) thank you for all your wonderful responses. We truly appreciate every click, even if just to browse through. We took all comments and suggestions to heart.

As a little self-update (for anyone curious), I’m (still) a Korean-American senior in college, struggling to survive finals while continuing my internship at the Seoul-based media design company, Studio Bombom.

At Studio Bombom, we’re working hard on bringing our newsletter to fruition, and have finally arrived at a sample we’re proud to share with you! This newsletter, named Newsletter유행 (pronounced Newsletter yu-haeng), explores the small yet fantastic world of the photo booth. Here’s what’s changed: rather than shedding light on specific Korean products as they appear in K-dramas, films, music videos, etc., we’ve decided to broaden our scope to include concepts, activities, locations, and other more abstract trends. In other words, we’ll explore anything and everything that is trendy and distinctly Korean – a subject which can’t be confined within the boundaries of a physical product. All info will be conveyed to you through a local Korean perspective to preserve the full meaning of each trend.

Below, we’ve included two versions of our sample issue. Both contain the same content, but are presented in different layouts.

Sample A ( Protected content )
Sample B ( Protected content )

At the end of the issue, there’s a link to a short survey asking for your thoughts and questions. Please consider filling it out if you enjoyed the newsletter or wish to see improvements in future issues.

Finally, please consider subscribing to our newsletter ( Protected content )! There may be rewards involved for those who take the survey and subscribe by December 23rd (click on the newsletter for the details 😉)!

And, as always, if you know anyone who may be interested in reading Newsletter유행, please share the newsletter link with them! Thank you again for your interest, and we hope to see you again when we release the first official issue on December 26th!

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