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Seeking remote opportunities or any potential lead (Seville)

Hi there! I moved to Sevilla in April after an almost 20-year career and left the rat race of living in San Francisco, CA following my dream to build in a new life in this amazing city. With that choice, came a lot of risk and leaving a very comfortable earning lifestyle. I have been here on a student visa learning Spanish, taking my time enjoying a break and, getting a teaching certification as a plan B and working privately tutoring English of all levels of which I LOVE. I will be extending for another year and hope to stay many, many more.

1.I'd love to connect first and foremost with new people as I build my community here! Finding a like-minded community is always great.

2. I greatly miss my days of business having experience in roles in full-cycle recruiting, operations and team management, sales and customer success positions over my career. Primarily in startup companies in SF/Silicon Valley.

My next goal is to ideally secure remote positions that allow me to continue to live my dream here as I know getting a work visa is extremely difficult. I'd like to in the next few months, seriously put to work all of this drive, ambition, energy, and experience into joining the remote world and/or get back to business! With that said, and all of this change, I am entirely open to new roles, any and all opportunities. Life is so short and I'm loving broadening all of my skill sets and all I can develop.

If you can offer any help, connections to maybe anyone you even know hiring, leads, or just some time for a coffee break, I'd be honored.

Thanks for reading and hope you all are enjoying your experiences here in Sevilla!

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