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03/18 Agora Space event:Relational Data Stream Pro (Shanghai)

Hope that everyone had an awesome Chinese New Year. We're looking forward to this great talk from one of our Outliers, Christian Kuka, on streaming relational data. Please see below for more details on the topic, and our speaker.

Data science给大家拜个晚年!恭祝大家喜气洋洋一整年!

Abstract: This talk will go into the basics of relational stream processing and show how the relational algebra known from databases is applied to streaming data. To do so, we first dive into the world of relational operators and get some basic definitions. Next, we will see how the operators can be applied to possible unbounded streams using window concepts to split streams into segments. Two basic window concepts will be discussed here. By using the operators of the relational algebra, we can benefit from different optimizations like rewriting and query sharing and are able to perform a deterministic processing. The talk will end with a short demo of relational processing.

About the Speaker: Christian Kuka studied Software System Engineering at the University of Oldenburg (Germany) and received his diploma in Protected content . After 4 years as a researcher at the OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology, he joined the research training group SCARE - System Correctness under Adverse Conditions - as a doctoral candidate in Protected content . His research mainly focus on quality-aware data stream processing for dynamic context models.


Wednesday, March 18, Protected content PM Protected content 下午7时30分
Agora Space International Coworking, Protected content Road, Building 3, Unit 101.
上海市徐汇区番禺路1199弄3号101室, Shanghai

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