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Adorable Puppies (3 siblings) for Adoption (Shanghai)

For all pet lovers,

I met 4 adorable rescued puppies recently and have taken one (Sansa) home , where she joined my two dogs (both adopted) as their little sister. She is scheduled to get her first vaccines shot this weekend.

Now, I’m looking for loving homes for her 3 other siblings, they're 2months old, have not received any vaccine shots yet. I don’t have individual photos of them at the moment, but can send Sansa's photos as reference for now as they look a lot like each other physically, with difference in colors.

This very kind rescuer has many other rescued dogs at home, and he keeps the 3 puppies in one crate during the day as there is just not enough space to let them out. This is also the reason why I'm helping to find homes for them asap.

If you’re open to know more about these puppies, and will consider to adopt one, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will handle directly all the communication between you and their rescuer, and hand you the adorable puppy when the decision is made.
I can be reached at : Protected content .

Fingers crossed for the puppies!

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