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Anyone interested in traditionalChinese QI-Gong ? (Shanghai)

Hi Shanghai InterNations Community,

Learn a great ancient Chinese wisdom while in Shanghai.

Are you Happy ?
Are you healthy?
Can you easily handle pressure with positive attitude?
Are you free from any limitations caused by physical or mental conditions?

Have you ever heard of Qi-Gong ? an ancient Chinese wisdom ?
Do you like to enhance and nourish the quality of life by steady self practice a most effective and efficient Qi-gong?

Happiness is a reflection of a person's own view/feel on the outside world, it is not the opposite, in other words, happiness should not depend on what the outside world imposes on us. Having unconditional love, giving without motivation or expectation, acceptance of whatever happens in life, birth a child but not own him/her, ... all these--- such a happy mental state plus a healthy physical body can be easily achieved by self practice of ancient Chinese Wisdom of Daoyin -- in today's words, Qi-Gong, that is based on Tao Te Ching and the fundamental truth of life. Simple yet efficiently effective way to reveal/improve life (body/mind/spirit), it is a greatest contribution to human world by ancient Chinese since Protected content ago.

In case there is enough interest from InterNation community on Chinese Daoyin -- Qi Gong, then a Lecture can be arranged.

Let's Exchanging culture !


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