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Blossom in Beauty exhibition 06.06.2013 - Shanghai

From 6.30pm to 9pm

O.Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition “BLOSSOM IN BEAUTY”, a solo show exploring the work of famous Shanghainese artist Lv Hongliang.

Lv HongLiang, one of the famous shanghainese artists & teachers, expresses in his works a degree of sentimentality and passiveness inviting the viewers to share his feelings in these quiet reflective moments.

All the works of the artist Lv HongLiand do not only express a moment but they also tell the whole story of his youth. Missing his teenage times and the sweet memories of lust of Shanghai in the 80', Lv HongLiang is sharing his secrets with us through his works whispering his fantasies and his joyful memories out of his heart.

高安路18弄6号1层 1F,Building 6 , No.18 Gao’an Rd

Shanghai Forum