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Budget (Shanghai)

My boyfriend and I are moving to SH at the end of January. I am currently trying to set up a budget based on our salary. We are pretty simple people who know how to make a little go a long way ...and make us appear to not be so simple (aka we are thrifty). We are going to be English Teachers and are making a very modest wage. I have been able to set our budget for rent but am having difficulty figuring out what a realistic food budget is. Right now I am spending around $75 USD per week for 2 people on food. I cook a lot and I like fresh produce therefore I am looking forward to a new selection of ingredients. with this information could some help me estimate what my food budget would look like? I am not planning on buying imported comforts of home. Also I understand that $75usd is Protected content seems like a lot per week considering I hear meat and vegetables at the market are MUCH cheaper in China.

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