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Filling Prescriptions in China (Shanghai)

Hi everyone!

I'm going to be arriving in Ningbo in September or October to teach English as a foreign language. It hasn't been set in stone yet when I'll arrive, but I wanted to get some info and advice from people currently in China about how to get prescriptions while abroad.

It's been suggested for me to bring a year's supply with me, but that's not feasible with insurance and the quantity since I'm on a few asthma and allergy medications.

How would you go about getting prescriptions in China? Are you able to get them at a pharmacy over there? Or do you have them shipped through an online pharmacy or something to that effect?

If I can fill them abroad, do I need a written prescription from my doctor back in the U.S. or would I need one from a doctor in country?

I could really use some help figuring this out before I leave! I can probably get at least three months worth to bring with me, but after that I'll need a plan.

Thank you!

Karee Magee

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