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Gifts from Europe.. Any ideas? (Shanghai)

Hi everybody,

I will be visiting friends in China (Beijing and Shanghai) and I would like to bring them gifts from Europe - something that they can't find in China. I'm not aware of the Chinese culture, it will be my first time visiting and I'm afraid not to make a mistake ( I know there are a lot DOs and Don'ts) so I want to buy something appropriate, something European and of course to be able to transport it by plane, so not too big in size and not fragile.

I'm visiting a couple in they early 30s. I was thinking of something for the house (they just bought new apartment) or some kind of luxury cosmetic box (but again I want a brand that they can't kind find in China).

Do you have any ideas of what would be appreciated and what kind of European brands/products young people like?

Is there anything that is not acceptable to offer according to the Chinese culture?
Any advice and ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

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