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Help!! Lost in seeking foreign language partners! (Shanghai)


I am now started up my language exchange program to help expats who live in China learn Mandarin or Cantonese with native Chinese speakers and teach them your mother language as return,and since the program is just started,I am not ready to charge. I only want to know more foreign friends who can help me with my program or can help my Chinese girls learn their target languages.

You know there are so many Chinese girls called me to match them with expat partners,but i simply could not find enough expat fellows to help them(*^__^*) …….So i need a load of foreign guys who want to learn Chinese and help those girls with their foreign language...

You guys can decided the way to learn,either can you chat and practise in my Cafe or hang out.All up to you.;-)

Also you and your partners can take part in my parties which i am planning the schedule,and you guys are always welcome to all my activities!!O(∩_∩)O

If you are intersted,feel free to contact Rena,

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Skype:Rena Vane

Kindest Regards


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