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Horse riding in Shanghai

I know, that's a challenge! I have used the internet-force for this and have been to one place near Sheshan, which is ok-ish.... Then there is Meadowbrook. I am going to check them out, because I am really looking for a quality place close to Shanghai. BUT Protected content per hour (yes, hour, not month) is far too expensive for my small pocket.
So does anybody have any idea where to find horses to do some real riding for a normal price? I have been riding for many years, so I would not necessarily need lessons. But from what I know, either you ride in a circle for cheap, or you get a lesson for the price of a Mercedes. Does anything in between exist, that maybe is not so obvious for someone who is unable to read Chinese?
Else I am also happy about people joining me for Sheshan on one or two weekends a month. As I said, the place is ok, horses ok, it is just a bit far. And it is boring alone.

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