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HUG, a unique multi-dimensional musical experien (Shanghai)

You may have gone to a thousand concerts here and there. But you are always sitting or standing out side the orchestra, band, or choir. You are always a spectator.

Now imagine that you are experiencing an a Capella concert right in the middle of the choir, the performance. You can INTERACT with the performers with your own feelings and emotions, even by singing with them. How MAGICAL it feels?

What is more, you are experiencing it with both eyes BLINDFOLDED! You will never see the person hugging you and singing to you during the whole performance. It's only the person's voice, as well as the voices of other 39 singers leading you through a journey that goes up to the mountain's top and down to the bottom of the ocean! No words but only voices plus the vibrations of the body-touch brought by the hugging, are the few things defining the boundaries of your senses.

What would you call THAT?

We call it HUG!

Based in Bristol, UK, talented artist and musician Verity Standen spent 10 years creating HUG, one of the most amazing experiences that has received numerous praises from both critics and audiences all over the UK and the rest of Europe. It was also recommended by British Council among its top graded show cases in Edinburgh Festival Protected content .

Please click the following URL for a short video revealing the magnificent mystery of HUG:
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So if you find you are missing such a thrilling feeling, or wanting to feel what it is like breaking away from longtime isolation from the others, you don't need to buy air tickets and fly all the way to the UK or elsewhere. Because HUG is now coming to Shanghai.

All you need to do is dial the phone numbers, or write to Protected content if you don't want to speak mandarin, to book your own special journey with other 39 adventurers.

You can also find more information about Verity Standen at:
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