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Internations LWwines Wine Club (Shanghai)

Dear Reader,

If you are NOT a spy, and FREE from any skull-duggery whatsoever, Internations Members can now gain access to certain 'protected' special deals and benefit from the convenience of having premium quality wines delivered monthly direct to your location. Same is true of certain of the articles and blogs within 'The Grapevine'.

There are 2 monthly Wine Club boxes to choose from:
Protected content
Protected content

Needless to say: all at our usual silly discounts.

HOW do I get my hands on this clever innovation, Gary?
Simply subscribe to the site. Make a purchase to become a bona fide LWwines member and then request the Password to get to the 'protected' content.

Why the cloak and dagger stuff, Gary?
This is China. This is not a level playing field. Competitors subscribe to our newsletters and generally lurk about, up to no good, spying, taking notes and regurgitating our themes, slogans, and marketing ideas. I suppose it's a compliment, but I'd rather they just improved their own sites themselves without nicking our ideas. Unfortunately, we can't make them stop copying us, and they are always bigger than us, so....

I am truly sorry, but we had to up our security game, to thwart the blighters. At the same time it shows we are changing the face of the wine scene in SH.

On with the Promotion!
Here are our monthly mixed case specials:
Protected content

See you very soon.
Gary, the Wine Man

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