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It's no longer clear!!! (Shanghai)

There are guidelines as to why and when someone can join Internations. However, browsing through some members' profiles, it's not justifiable that they should be here. I am a 'crowds' person; i love people but I think it's important to stick to the theme and the culture of Internations. Being at the right place, right time with the right people. it doesn't make sense to go visit a doctor on duty if you are not sick... We can meet and make friends with non-internations people in so many places in Shanghai, eg, ladies nights (free drinks for ladies FYI), etc.

I always mark Internations events on my calender and give them very high priority and always do my best to attend unless otherwise, simply because it's one place where i do not have to rub shoulders with all sorts of 'women' as is the case in many places in Shanghai and so many of the members that i know. But if this continues, it may change our priority for IN events to less important or not important at all.

This is quite a bold thread to post and I am sorry to whom it may concern. However, some facts are bitter and this happens to be one those. Sometimes, less is more.

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