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Preparation for charity group: need your help (Shanghai)

Topic one: New English name for my current Charity org

With the help from Zhu Ye and other members from InterNations, I am preparing extra information to Global Charity Group to continue my Shanghai Charity Group application now. Global Charity Group required me to provide a local charity org as a partner.

At the beginning, I plan to bring some existing charity activities from my personal charity organization. And will also link to InterNations forum as the only online activities platform for foreigners.

Maybe you already know most of local charity org do not have English website, so I have to draft my English web page this week here: Protected content I really need your kindly help on this new web page.

Yes, the first one is the English name for my charity org. Current one is Head Start Heart Go. Lots of people told me this name did not make sense. So I want to find a new one as our official English name. But I have to keep current domain name: Protected content since it already existing for 8 years in China.

I wish the new name can tell visitors that we are focus on Children or Education. Because my charity is helping children in West of China to help them complete their education in school. We also bring some communications and activities to deliver more value and knowledge to these lovely children. The Chinese name of this charity is 智人慧心, it means "when we bring knowledge to other people we will also gain happiness in our heart".

Here are some idea from me:

Help Sxx Help Gxx
Hxx Share Hxx Gain
Help School Hxxx Group

Here are some idea from Zhu Ye:

Heart Sails Humanity Goes / Hearts Share Humanities Gain

Some other ideas:
Hopeful School with Heart Garden

Any suggestion or ideas are welcome!

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