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Professional Chinese Teacher-Vivian's Topic Lesson (Shanghai)

My name is Vivian. I am a professional Chinese teacher with a business and management background. Also, I am absolutely passionate about teaching my native language.

In the past years, I have worked for two major Mandarin schools and had the pleasure of teaching more than 50 students from almost 30 countries.

My approach to teaching Chinese is dynamic and might seem a bit unorthodox but is highly effective for those aiming to take their Mandarin skills to the next level.

I especially recommend
Topic lessons

Learn how to book a table, talk to the staff and get your special requests as you prefer them.

Restaurant-Chinese for Business
I will teach you not only how to survive at the table, but also how to be a good host and make a lasting impression on those you share the table with. You will also learn much of the Chinese cultural background in this process.

Chinese for Shopping
If you spend your spouse’s or your own money, shopping in China is a unique experience for many expats. You can purchase pretty much anything at base price or by negotiating—depending on the venue.

Socializing in Chinese
Let’s be honest; the best way to approach the other sex is by language. How to strike up a conversation, how to make compliments, and how to seal the deal with another meeting, are all conversational skills I will teach you.

Chinese for ...
You tell me! Maybe you want to look good at the fabric market and talk in
Chinese to the locals, maybe you want to talk shop with the owner of a wine Bar—the choice is yours! We will go to the right place and start at the heart of the matter.

Skype Lessons
A clever alternative to and almost like a physical meeting is learning Chinese via Skype.
This saves us the travel time and makes us more flexible in terms of
schedule. My ID: vivian-yolk

SOS-Chinese on WeChat.
You tell me what you need to know and I will get back to you asap. My
ID: Protected content

The easiest way to get to know me is visiting one of my free Chinese
Corners! A weekly event for my friends and students where they can
practice their skills in a casual atmosphere.

Get in touch:

The Leader/Tutor/Host: Vivian
Mobile phone: Protected content .
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