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puppy needs home (Shanghai)

I know ... chances might not be very high, nevertheless I'll try.

here is the situation. We operate our own small factory. 4 Story building in the southern outskirts of Shanghai. We occupy one floor the rest is used by other tenants. All pretty rural environment (meaning far from shiny).
Now, 4th floor factory owners (who live there as well) have a very newborn and very cute puppy dog taken in since 2 days now. They started keeping her in a shopping cart outside and then shifted to a small carton box. Apart from that they seem no to care the least bit about her well being.

The poor thing is squealing all day and clearly needs to be rescued. We fed her a bit and dried her after the whole carton was wet from the rain. ... any takers?

What I can offer is to steal her away & take her home for some days. But I have already another dog and cat, so this is not sustainable and I therefore need to pass her on. Real cute and all

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