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Things to stock up on (Shanghai)

Hello everyone, my husband and I will be moving to Shanghai for a 2 yr assignment in March this year. I am already an expat from the US living in Amsterdam but this will be a huge change for us. I have heard that western items, especially personal care items can be hugely expensive in Shanghai. I'd like to know your recommendations on items to bring to Shanghai from Europe or US. Good olive oil and red wine is already on my list as well as coconut shortening, shampoo, and deodorant. We have a container so space is not an issue, but I also heard that whatever is too expensive in Shanghai can be found for a good price in Hong Kong, e.g. Cosmetics and perfume. Also any tips on gluten free items? Right now I order all my GF flours and grains online but I have no idea where to start in China. You guessed it, I don't yet speak Chinese ;-)
Thanks in advance for any help on this!

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