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Up to 30% Discount Acrobatic Show -ERA- Intersecti (Shanghai)

ERA- Intersection of Time - As a Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular show every evening. ERA is a Multimedia odyssey with the combination of sound, light, electricity, and multimedia stage designing, integrating dancing, Chinese gongfu, music and other art elements. The show demonstrates the excellence and difficulty of traditional Chinese acrobatic art, and reveals the in-depth cultural humor from time to time. The theater can seat over Protected content , and spectators from all over the world are deeply magnetized by it charm every day. Ever since September 27, Protected content , when the troupe made its debut , the program has reached the highest number of continuous stage performances and made the highest one-day performance income in Shanghai. This record has exceeded the Broadway operas Cats and The Phanton of the Opera, both of which made a sensational success in Shanghai as well.

Highlight 1 Mirror Mirage
Entering the auditorium, the audience will see themselves through the reflection of a huge mirror cylinder with a height of 6 meters and a dimension of 11 meters. House light dims and the dream-like journey of ERA starts from the center of this mirror cage.

Highlight 2 Magic Water
An 8 x 18 meters water curtain with thousands of holes of 0.8 µ wide each serves as an ideal screen for multimedia projections.

nese Acrobatics is one of the oldest performing arts in China ,also known as Highlight 3 Floating Gondola
Piercing through the water curtain comes out a Chinese compass (a magnetic spoon on a map), which is a good symbol of the Chinese ancient civilization. As soon as beautiful water scenes are created by the multimedia projectors, the spoon has transformed into a gondola providing a platform for the artist to perform on.

Highlight 4 Music of ERA
Having a good mastery of the features of Chinese music, the famous Canadian composer Michel Cusson wrote the music according to each act. The style, the music elements, the orchestration… everything shows that the music of ERA is an excellent combination of eastern and western music. The live performance by one band with Chinese traditional instruments + another with western instruments offers the audience extra enjoyment.

Highlight 5 Jar Juggling
Originated from Han Dynasty Protected content act matches the history of the white and blue pattern porcelain jar as well as the terror cotta soldiers in the background scenes. Throwing, catching, kicking, tossing…the artist plays the jars just like a NBA sportsman plays his basketball.

Highlight 6 Wheel of Life
Consisting of 3 smaller wheels with a dimension of 2 meters each, the giant wheel is hanging more that 10 meters high above the ground. While keeping the wheel spinning, 6 artists practise various breath-taking actions both in and outside the 3 smaller wheels.

Highlight 7 Forever
The most romantic act of ERA. With two silk ribbons, a young pair of lovers expresses their admiration and affections not only for each other but also for the audience from the air.

Highlight 8 Space Motorcycles
8 terror cotta soldier looking warriors run a motor race in an iron and steel globe with a dimension of 6.8 meters. They drive the audience crazy and bring the show to a happy ending.

Information to the show:
Time: Every evening at 19:30 pm-21:00 pm.
Address: Shanghai Circus World,No.2266, Gonghexin Road.
Booking hotline: Protected content
Booking email: Protected content Wechat Id: Protected content
Ticket list price and our discount price: more people more discount.
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