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Hi there!

From the 13th I will be officially based in Shanghai And before landing in that city I'd like to prepare my venue...

So, here is some needed informations:

- VPN / I have read already many topics here... But I'm still wondering a which one is the best one?
During my last venue in last July, I used a free vpn that I downloaded in my different devices and it worked, but I have just heard that any VPN will be banned soon in China, is it true??? Hope not!
Please let me know if in subscribing in a VPN I will be able to use it into all my different devices.
Also, please let me know the cost and if it is better to download it before my arrival in Shanghai.

- WhatsApp / I also heard that it became very difficult to use this App in China too... I'm already using WeChat with all my Chinese contacts, but except my Chinese contact, none of my others contact use it... So, I really need to be sure that WhatsApp will work too...

- Skype/ is Skype still work in China?

- NETFLIX / is it working now in China? I heard that some agreement have been done to expand it in China but not sure if it is already possible to use it. (apparently you can't use it even with a vpn...)

Many thanks in advance for all your helpful support/infos!


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