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Bao'an to HK... Updated with directions (Shenzhen)

Here are the directions to help others in the future...
Take the new subway/metro #11, there are several stations to get on it in Boa'an, this line will also get you directly to the Airport, stay on the #11 (dark purple/burgundy/reddish brown) until you get to Chegongmiao Station, get off here and get on the #1 (Green), from here you have a few options;

#1 to the end of the line to the Luohu Checkpoint. This route you just stay on it till it gets to the end. Protected content .
#1 to Convention & Exhibition Center Station and transfer to the #4 (Red) line to the Futian Checkpoint. 5 stops, with one change.

Now there are a few more options, but this seems to be the simplest that I found.

A few notes, worse case plan on an hour for customs! You have to checkout of China customs, cross over into Hong Kong and then clear Hong Kong Customs. Once you clear these checkpoints on the Hong Kong side offers HK Metro and buses, HK opens up to you at this point.

BE CAREFUL OF FREE APPS! Many are out of date and do not include the #11 line! (the #9 line when open will be great!)
Shenzhen official website is Protected content but they don't seem to offer an official app but do offer a web version of the map; Protected content
The official Hong Kong "MTR Mobile" app is GREAT and highly recommended.

Please also know that the lines stop at 23: Protected content so plan accordingly!
The #11 offers a business class with softer seats, table, and cost a little more.

Hope that this helps others. Please feel free to correct anything wrong here.

Side note 2, don't plan on going via the Fuyong Ferry to the HK airport without an airline ticket or official airport transfer!?!! However, you can take the Jet Boats to Macau in HK.

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