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Free elite matchamking for foreign women in China (Shenzhen)


You are a single foreign woman in China. Disappointed in men, but still want to meet the love of your life? Join our club for free.

Currently we have several Platinum members looking for foreign wives (American and Chinese businessmen). They all are well-educated, elegant, have successful business in China and abroad, can speak English and the most important thing is they all are family-orriented.

They will treat you as a queen, with respect and loyalty.

Step 1: You have a discreet and confidential interview with your matchmarker where you explains who you are and which kind of person do you want to meet. Then we select appropriate matches for you according to your desires and goals.

Step 2: Once we select a person for you, we contact you by phone and give you some information about the potential date – hobbies, age, nationality, occupation… - in order for you to know if you want to meet that person. Don’t worry about your confidentiality, we just give your first name to your date and no contact details.

Step 3: Show up at the restaurant and enjoy the date. For overseas date/between different cities - we have romantic skype session/phone session.

How to contact us?

Harmony Club is based in Hong Kong. But don't worry about that, even if you do not live in Hong Kong, our matchmaker will contact you in 48 hours by email, skype or phone.

If you really want to find the good mate, the unique thing you have to do now is to contact us at Protected content or visit our website Protected content .

For this new dragon year, do you want to be lucky? Just call us, meet the person you deserve with Harmony Club and make your dreams come true.

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