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Hi everyone! I´m arriving there on Tuesday! (Shenzhen)

Hi everyone!

I´m Melina from Argentina, and I´m moving to Shenzhen, to live and work there. I feel very happy and enthusiastic, but also nervous right now!!!!!

I wated nto tell you that I feel excited to meet you people from this community in the next Internations gathering.

Also, I wanted to ask you something. I will arrive in Hong Kong airport with 3 big lugagge (that I can´t handle so well myself) and I have to go to ZTE Plaza, keji nandu, nanshang district when I arrive. And I don´t speak chinese..
Is there any safe car o van from the Hong Kong Airport that I can take? How is this payed? Should I change HOng Kong pesos or rmb to pay it and how much?

Can enyone help with this please?

Thank you so so so so much!

See you all soon!!!!!!!