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Hi Everyone,

Making a post to introduce myself. I am more or less new in Shenzhen.

I have left an 11 year career in finance and international tax and now practicing as a fitness and lifestyle coach. The main difference between the traditional trainers is that my practice is client focused rather than trainer led practice by thinking beyond session-based or temporary ways of helping clients.

Another major difference to other trainers is that most of these trainers have been like born with 6 pack abs and always sporty. Most of them have never been in a morbidly obese status, not binge eating, smoking and drinking. I have lost 30kg and still on my journey so I can understand the challenges which people face hands on. Trainers working with clients advising them to eat healthy and exercise have almost never been on the other side of the curtain as I have.

My practice is coaching and not purely trainer centered. I offer:

1. Weekly one-on-one consultation
2. Unlimited text support
3. Nutritional guidelines including supermarket tour
4. Personalised home or gym based exercise program. If new training, first session is free and one-on-one to demonstrate exercises
5. If additional training is required on form and exercise one-on-one sessions at client's gym, apartment or outdoor is provided at a minimal fee

Shoot me a private message here or use my wechat ID diyesh16 to add me there to discuss further if the above is of interest.

As I am new here, I am not looking just for clients but also for new friends. So anybody looking for a new friend I am here for that too :)



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