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Shen Zhen City Guide-by Maxxelli Real Estate-1 (Shenzhen)


Shen Zhen is the younget city in China,in the time range of 30 years, it has changed from a nameless fishing village to one of th most prosperous city’s in China. And Shen Zhen has not stopped its pace of growing,located in the very south of Guang Dong province,overlooking hong kong to the south and bordering Hong Kong New Territories. Shen Zhen also known as “ the Hong Kong back garden” .It ranked Number 4 in GDP in Protected content Chinese cities.

Shen Zhen covers a gross area of 11,953 square kilometres, an area including six urban districts .In Protected content , Shen Zhen had a gross population of 10.54 million. Shenzhen has one of the highest average real estate price levels in China.

The nominal GDP growth recorded by Shen Zhen has averaged around 10% -13% in recent years, increasing from Protected content billion in Protected content Protected content billion in Protected content , a 483% increase in GDP across ten years.
Zhen ranked in the top four among the twenty-six regional capital cities on several main economic indexes, such as GDP, Industrial Output Increase, Gross Retail Sales of Consumer Goods, Total Investment in Fixed Assets and Public Finance Avenues.

As Forbes put it in Novermber Protected content Shen Zhen outstands in the whole China area as the No.2 commercial city.

The city rail transport system in Shen Zhen officially started construction in Protected content , and the five lines are all fnished. Based on the overall urban planning and integrated transport planning of the city’s urban rail transit network consists of 20 lines with a total length of Protected content and Protected content . Among them, Line1 to Line 2 are the backbone lines, arranged along the main urban traffic corridor. Lines 6 to10 are supplement lines, still serving the urban area. The rail mileage is expected to reach Protected content by Protected content .

Shen Zhen also has a well-functioning bus system allowing you to travel through most of the city.
If prefer taking a cab, there are three kind of cab in shen zhen, the red, yellow and green, red and yellow is for futian,luo hu and nan shan district,green cab is for other districts. the starting fee for red cab is for a journey is Protected content , giving you 2 km. Every following km is 2.4 RMB. A taxi from the high-speed rail station in the very south to the city centre is roughly Protected content .

For the listing of all points of interest in Shen Zhen in both Chinese& English, Maxxelli has made an app (Taxi-Book) which can be downloaded. Protected content

For foreign groceries, there are Carrefour,Walmart, Metro, Lotus and OLE located all over the city, along with a large shopping mall.

Luo Hu District is the old center,Fu Tian and Nan Shan District is the new CBD,and now they also developed Qian Hai area together with Hong Kong Goverment .hosting many bar streets and the most popular shopping malls in the city such as MlX City, KK MALL, CO CO PARK, HOLIDAY PLAZA and COSTAL CIST. These all include numerous restaurants and shops. This area is located at the boundary of Luo hu District ,Futian D istrict and Nan Shan District.

Bars and Clubs
As the glamorous city of Shen Zhen has established itself as a leading nightlife hub nationwide, you most likely won’t find it difficult to enjoy a drink after work.

There are actually three bar streets. One is in She Kou,sea world, famous for the western clubs and foregner neighhood, with bars such as the Terrance, Viva,, amongst others. The second is COCO PARK, host of many small pubs which play live music. The third main bar street is Chun Feng Road, an ancient street with several bars and pubs, together with popular deep-fried food stores. As a recommendation for a first time, you could go to the Terrance for a crazy night or co co park for a lazy night.

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