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Any creative people??? (Singapore)

Hello all,

I'm moving to Singapore in the summer for 3 months, and have been researching different forums about what to do in Singapore and life there in general.

I'm VERY scared that I'll be like a fish out of the water over there. First of all, I'm of East African origin (somali)- that says all it needs to say about that. Secondly, I'm very social and talkative and generally a really happy person with superpositive attitude in life (and apparently Singaporeans like to complain a lot and some are rude). Thirdly, I love creativity. I'm a filmmaker, again rather self-explanatory.

Surely there have to be SOME creative people on this beautiful island? I'm only going to be in Singapore for 3 months so of course it won't be the end of the world for me if I don't find like-minded people (there's always LA and NY)... Still, a part of me is hoping that there are some people who are not afraid of expressing themselves in their style and who love art, fashion, literature and above all; films.

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