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Any experiences with animal quarantine? (Singapore)


Hi fellow Internations folks. I am currently working in Bogota and just got told that my next move will be to Singapore around the end of the year. Actual move date is very much up in the air and dependent on many work related factors.

My family consists of a crooked tailed Sumatran street cat I collected in Indonesia three years ago, and a very pampered Cocker Spaniel I got last year in Colombia. It seems that coordinating their move in conjunction with mine might be my biggest headache for this move.

I would love any advice and experiences anyone has to share about the animal importation process into Singapore. In particular, is the 3 month advance reservation process for the quarantine really a requirement? Are they actually that booked up in December/January period? I only have two months notice and the blood titers test is going to take at least 4 weeks, which I read that I have to provide before they will take a reservation request. yikes.

And did anyone use the Pet Movers agency to help on the Singapore side? Is the service worth it?

Thanks in advance,


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