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Auspicious Walk (Singapore)


Water Dragon year begins in last few hours of 4th Febuary Protected content I am taking a Auspicious Walk with my Feng Sui Master tomorrow morning , I would like to share the details if anyone is interested !!!

In ancient times, it was believed that on the 1st day of New Zodiac Year, there is a powerful hidden energy that helps to fufill one’s wishes whether it is for wealth, health or relationship depending on what one wishes for in the coming year. This hidden lucky energy comes from a certain direction at certain time of the day and is enhanced if the auspicious walk is done as a group.

In Protected content Dragon year' the good direction is as follows :-

1. Northeast direction Protected content degto 67.5 deg Protected content

Auspicious hour Protected content 9 to 11 am.

“This direction is good for people who seek wealth, career, help from loans, marriage, health recuperation, travelling, for procreativity. It also helps people who want to avoid–backstabbers, disasters and negative energies."

Procedures of Walk

Select a straight route (remember that it must be facing NE , depending on the time of the day) and walk for about Protected content 200 metres, ending the walk in front of a bank (if one’s wish is for wealth) For health, walk in the park etc.
Carry a ‘Red packet’ of $8, $28, $68 etc.
During the walk, say your wish mentally.
Observe what you see along the way
DO NOT LOOK BACK (even if someone calls your name).
At the end of the walk, stand in front of the main entrance of the building (if bank), take a deep breath and repeat your wish mentally 9 times. (breathing & mentally making your wish)
Take out the “Red Packet” and touch the money if you wish for good wealth during the year.
Stay around for a half an hour, exchange auspicious greetings, eat some New Year cookies or sweets, absorb the good energies before setting off.

It is important to properly survey the site in advance, before the actual walk.

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