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Bonjour. Hola. Ni Hao. Language Exchange, Anyone? (Singapore)

Hello. Would anyone be keen to meet and pair-up for some language exchange? I am fluent in English (as you can see), Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese Chinese. It would be brilliant if anyone fluent in Spanish, French, and Japanese is keen to do a language swap. I am open to learning tongues beyond the ones listed too :)

We can start by a casual meeting over tea/coffee and carry on from there. This could be a great chance to meet another 'InterNations' if you are shy or slow to warm up in a large group, like me.

A little about myself. I just moved back to SIngapore recently after living abroad for over a decade. Lived, studied, and worked in cities like London, Tokyo, Niigata (North of Tokyo), Sydney, Hong Kong, and Paris - which explains my language diversity. Furthermore, I picked up a bit of Spanish from my flatmates in London and Paris as well - plus the fact that my boyfriend is from Asturias (Northern Spain).

On an extra note, I can't promise to be a speedy replier here as I am not linked up on the Internet all the time, but I do promise I will write back and send you an individual or small group message (if the later function exist).

Without further adieu. I look forward to meeting you - Thank you! - Danke. Gracias. Arigato. Xie Xie. Merci. Do Jeh. Tack. Cam On.


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