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Collecting Debt in SG (Singapore)

Hi folks, need an advice - especially if any of you have expertise on personal debt matter. Cut the story short, I went travelling with a friend. We book the flight, hotel and tour with my credit card - agreed that we'll split the cost 50:50 at the end. However, post the trip he went missing. he didn't pick up my phone, no reply to whatsoever message that I sent via email, whatsapp, sms and he blocked me from any communication mean. Things become complicated as I'm now relocating from Singapore to KL. Questions are:
1. Can I file this issue to small claim court when I 'm no longer Singapore EP holder?
2. Any suggestion how to collect this debt from him?
The amount is significant for me, so I'm so willing to take it to court.
I can't just let it go and move on. Would really appreciate for any input.


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