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Coming to Singapore for work

Hey everyone-

I will be graduating at the end of June from James Cook University in Cairns, Australia with a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and have had a strong desire to live and work in Singapore for quite some time now especially after visiting last October. Thus far, my plan of action has been to apply for the Ministry of Manpower's newly implemented 6-month Work Holiday Programme and hope to find an employer which would be willing to sponsor me for a more long-term visa. However, I was hoping to find perhaps some additional pointers and advice from you guys since the majority of you seem to be foreigners living in Singapore which would lead me to believe you are quite knowledgeable about this type of thing.

I was also curious about housing in Singapore. I understand that, generally, it isn't excessively expensive especially when compared to other major cities around the world. I would assume it is common for people to advertise rooms for rent in their apartments or condos?

Thanks a lot for any info you can provide and feel free to share any other bits that you feel that I may find useful!

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