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Considering Move...but have hesitations (Singapore)

Hello All--

My husband and I are considering a move to Singapore.
We heard from various people we may have some basic problems so we are not sure now if its right for us. If you can shed any light on these things, I would appreciate it!

1. Heard as US citizens we can't open a bank account in Singapore?
There must be a way to deal with this...what do other US Citizens do?

2. We both have done consulting work in marketing & finance. We would not move to singapore to work for a company there; we'd continue consulting for our clients all around the world. This loops back to the bank issue...wondering if it will be very hard to have our little business there/busess bank accounts without having it be very tough?

3. When looking at places to live, is there an area to steer clear of? We know many people live in condos around Orchard Road. And, we do like that area. But, if we decide to get a single family home, where is the best place to do it that is not too far away? And realistically, how much should we budget for a 3 nice Protected content condo? What about single family home in the "right" place?

4. How "pet friendly" are most condos? We have a small malty poo. I know all about the quarrrentine. Is there any way to make it less than 30 days? I heard we can do more prep and she does less time??

5. My cousin grew up in Singapore and once told me I needed to join the American club if I moved there hard is that?

6. Will it be hard to rent a place? Do they have singapore credit? Or, how do they decide? Do they run American credit? Ours is good in USA and we have a good amount of $ saved so we can show the ability to pay...but just wondering if we need to work on something to prep for being able to rent besides that? Are rental terms any different? Is a usual lease is year?

That's all i can think of for now.

Any feedback any of this is appreciated.


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