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Contract Signed and now... (Singapore)


Hello everyone,

My husband just signed a contract to work in Singapore so I am visiting in mid august to organize our move.

I would appreciate some head-start on the following:

1. We have a 15 years old daughter who should start her 11th year at school (British system is total 13 years with A levels) which is also an IGCSE exam year. How Singapore public education compares to this? Do they use the same system? Is there someone who enrolled a child of a similar age to a public school?

2. Is it true that the MoE will assign a school after an interview and you cannot chose the school or the district? If this is true then we should wait for the school and then find a house?

3. Which districts are good and whether it is realistic to find a nice 3 to 4 bedroom apartment for Protected content ? We need 2 bedrooms, 1 room for home office and 1 auxiliary room for live in help.

4. Is there advantage in involving real estate agents and what are their fees?

5. I am not for the idea of live-in help in general since I am a private person. Does anyone have experience with the help coming in the morning and leaving later at night? How much this would cost?

6. I have some expensive Italian furniture which I need either to sell or to move to Sing with me (the contract is quite long term). Any experience on transferring furniture and house belongings from Europe? What are the costs? Did you find the experience worth it or you would rather buy there? Or perhaps the apartments are coming fully furnished and no purchase is needed?


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