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Cosmetic Dentist (Singapore)

Hello all,
I would really like to share my experience with my recent cosmetic dental work I had done. In fact I am not quite finished but I'm bursting to tell everyone I meet!

Good dentists are hard to find and I hit the jackpot!!! The Dental Implant Centre @ Raffles place is AWESOME! They do everything from cleaning, whitening, root canals to full blown smile makeover.

I found them online and went in for my first appointment. I met Dr. Surinder and Dr. Kumar. Both wonderfully friendly and super professional. They both took a look at my teeth, we did x-rays, discussed all options in detail and decided to go ahead with 1 implant and 2 veneers to correct my crooked smile. Keeping everything as natural as possible.

The first thing I needed was a good clean. I was then was given a home whitening kit to get my teeth nice and white. A few weeks later I had a root canal with Dr. Surinder. She explained every single detail and reassured me I would feel no pain. She was right. The root canal was over super fast and was painless!

The next step was with Dr Kumar. This was to remove a tooth, add an implant and put temporary veneers in place that would last the 2 weeks while my permanent veneers were being made. This was the part I was scared of! As an implant is literally drilled into your jaw! I was scared for no reason. Honestly the whole process was painless minus the injection to numb the area. I was SO happy with the result I could have kept those temporary veneers forever! Dr. Kumar saw how happy I was but said, "You will be even happier in 2 weeks".

2 weeks later brings us to today. I went in today to get my 2 permanent veneers in. Again painless AND THE RESULTS ARE LIFE CHANGING!!! I could not be happier!

We have one last step as Dr. Kumar wanted the implant veneer re done to make sure it looked perfect! I love his attention to detail.


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