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The philosophy of Visionairs Gallery

Visionairs Gallery wants to return to the true values of artistic creation.

What are these values?

An ethical vision with a social conscience. Art must be socially responsible and contribute to our understanding of the world and other people.

Originality and difference. The task of the artist is to work hard at perfecting a unique artistic vision.

A belief in truth and beauty. Art must strive for beauty with a strong aesthetic vision.

Visionairs Gallery wants to return to the essential values of art and support those artists who accept the founding principles of artistic creation.

Visionairs Gallery also wants to extend the pleasure of creation to the widest possible public, providing education and inspiration through the art we exhibit.


One of our founding principles at Visionairs Gallery is to reach people’s heart and mind through art. We believe that art is not a commodity just for sale
or speculation. Art is creative joy and a medium for thought and reflection.

Visionairs Gallery wants to contribute to the rebirth of a genuine human art that reflects our societies and gives us a sense of our challenging times.

The mission statement of Visionairs Gallery can be summarized in three words: humanity, humanism and Human Art.

Our aim is to produce a Factory for the 21st Century, taking inspiration from Andy Warhol’s unique gallery/studio of the Protected content , in New York.

We want to create a space open to everyone, where artists and art students, ordinary people and celebrities can meet, mix and inspire each other.

Founder Lydie Blandeau considers herself the spiritual daughter of Peggy Guggenheim, who took real risks for the artists in whom she believed.
Visionairs Gallery wants to be at the center of new artistic movements, driven
by a fresh wind of creativity.
PARK SEUNG HOON - Korean photographer

" Eyes of the world "

Exhibition 31th of March Protected content Protected content

Singapore Forum