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Free baby sitting and pet sitting (Singapore)

Yes you've read it right, I'm offering to pet sit or baby sit for free, just cover my transportation.

***This is not a regular arrangement, only for when you need some time off to recharge***

I have been fostering stray cats in preparation for adoptions, not much experience with other animals but if its just feeding and clearing potty and simple tasks as such it shouldn't be a big issue.

I had cared for my 3 nephew and nieces when they were between 6 months to 2 years occasionally when their mummies need time off.

Also I have worked with special need kids, not professionally, and found autistic kids especially delightful to work with.

I'm doing this because I have come to realize how tiring a full time care giver can get and I think they definitely deserve a break every now and then.

Only available when I'm not working and have nothing planned so do let me know way in advanced so I try to accommodate.

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