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HSBC Rugby Sevens_Sat(April16) ticket gives away (Singapore)

I bought one pack of season ticket for HSBC Rugby Sevens on this Saturday (April 16th) and Sunday (April 17th).

The ticket does not sell separately, so I have to buy for both days.
But I need to work on Saturday, so I am giving away the Saturday ticket to whoever wants to feel the game.

The reason I said "feel" because the seat is just in the free seating zone, not an optimised place (Duh). And technically I am not a big Rugby fan, only watched a few live broadcast games last year in London. This time just happens to know the info so I bought the ticket.

I have been in Singapore for less than a month, and I don't think any of my old friends in SG would need only one ticket for just that day. Instead of throwing $ away, it doesn't bother to ask if anyone may want to enjoy the game.

PM me for the Sat ticket, I can send you the pdf, you just need to print and bring to National Stadium. (It has my name on it but I don't think that would be an issue as I am not reselling the ticket).
Also, if anyone or a batch planned to watch the game and does not mind to have a newcomer join in, PM me as well;)

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