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Primary education - is it all high pressure in Sp? (Singapore)

My husband and I are considering relocating to Singapore long term (if possible) and we have a daughter who is coming up to 3 years old, plus a baby on the way.

It's well known that Singapore has some of the best education in the world, but I've also read that schools put a huge amount of pressure on children from a young age. This worries me, as whilst I want my children to do well academically, it's more important to us that they enjoy their school years and are encouraged to process emotions, build relationships and learn about the world. I don't agree with putting very young children through lots of tests and exams, and I'm a bit concerned that the international schools in Singapore will focus heavily on results.

Can I please ask other parents if there are options for kinder, less stressful education for primary and secondary age children in Singapore? If so, any recommendations would be gratefully received!

Thank you in advance :)


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