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Project Fortify (Singapore)


I hope you're doing great n fine!!
Anyway, I am involved in a fund raising in partnership with World Food Programme to feed the hungry kids worldwide. I am taking this chance to ask around my pool of contacts if any would like to lend a helping hand too. The collection starts on every 5th and ends every 29th of every month.

"Paying It Forward"
- to help under priviledged & hungry kids worldwide
- Kids who are orphans, no family to turn to, no basic resources to fend for themselves, and are starving.
- Though it may not be fully enough, i hope we can at least help to make a tiny difference for these kids.

I'm seeking for more ppl who can be a part of this drive to help these kids live better lives. If ure keen, this is how u can help....

Donation of:
$25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200 or $400

1) $400 for 8 bags of nutritious meals to feed Protected content .

2) $200 for 4 bags of nutritious meals to feed 92 kids

3) $100 for 2 bags of nutritious meals to feed 48 kids.

3) $50 for 1 bag of nutritious meal to feed 24 kids.

4) Any amount *eg $10, $20, $30, etc to total up for 1 bag.

If u would like to be on board with me to help these less fortunate kids, u may do a bank transfer of any amount stated above.

Thank u for ur kind gestures....
May god bless you and your kind soul!!

Let me know also if you would like to receive a receipt upon donating:) I will issue a receipt after purchasing the nutritious meal for you.

(HP : Protected content
Mohd Noor Rizan Md Paiman

( Protected content )

Help spread the love & kindness! Thanks guys!

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