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Qi Christmas with a Conscience at Design Festival (Singapore)

Qi Christmas with a Conscience in association with Singapore Design Council

Venue: The Old City Hall Building, Singapore

Dates: Thursday, 26th November to Sunday, 29th November

Time: 10am-7pm

Entrance: Free

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In association with the Singapore Design Council, Qi will host a design and retail exhibition of the world’s coolest low carbon products. A programme of guest appearances from leading designers and artists will present inspiring talks on their work.

We will champion the beauty of sustainable design, which illustrate human progress in harmony with nature. A low-carbon product takes into account the raw material, the method of manufacture, the proximity to retail, and its functionality and longevity. Sustainable design and products will be the fastest growing sector of retail as companies realise the commercial benefits and customer demand.

Qi brings you Christmas Spirit in Harmony with Nature. Products featured at this event are made without any adverse effects to the environment or to the people who worked to manufacture them. This means that you are kind to your friends and family and to the planet all at the same time.

To pre-view some of the products, please go to Protected content and see the current top 10 collection

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