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Recommendations for international kindergartens? (Singapore)

Dear all,
We are a Danish young family relocating to Singapore around July Protected content . We are currently looking for day care for our two children, boy 2,5 years and in the future for our babygirl. We have done quite a lot of research online. However the best way is always a personal recommendation.

We want an international environment and western approach with play, not only learning. We have heard from many that some local preschools are very strict and we want a loving environment. However our thoughts are that it can be fun also to learn about local life and kids.
International schools offer only hours from 9-2.15pm. or even noon.
Locals offer from 7-7pm. We want to pick up around 16pm, and we are not planning on having a nanny.

Any recommendations for local kindergartens with a nice environment and a mix of locals and expats?

Any recommendations for international kindergartens?

Budget around Protected content Dollars a month per child.
Please note that our children do not speak English yet.

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