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SIN Entry Requirements / one way ticket (Singapore)

Dear fellow expats,

I am a German citizen, have bought a ticket to Singapore 23.02. Protected content way - and have applied for a working Holiday Visa so far because although i already have gotten me job interviews - i do not have an employer contract yet.
I plan to stay in Singapore longterm. Now i have read that i need a return ticket to even be allowed into the country with just a tourist or working holiday visa.
I don't really know yet where and when I want to go after Singapore if i can not find me a satisfying job (that's worst case anyway).
Are there any other solutions than having an onward ticket? I have found one but that strikes me as plan c rather than a or b.
"We ended up buying a fully refundable return flight on the spot ($2K each), which we quickly cancelled when we arrived in Singapore. It was frustrating, and we were lucky to still catch the flight."
i once listened someone seaking about "round tickets" where you hop of somewhere and then enter again but that also sounds still confusing to me.
I am very grateful for every other solution or more information. :)

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