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Singapore haze

Hello Singapore residents, as I understand it, the haze level in Singapore has been over Protected content ! I hope you are all staying safe and protecting your lungs.
I was living in Singapore to do research on haze but it never got that bad while I was there. I had to come back to the states in August.
I am an industrial design graduate student collaborating with SUTD and I'm working on developing a haze-protection mask for children. I am still conducting research even while I'm back in the US for now. If you would be at all inclined to help me gain valuable data on haze and its effects on Singaporeans, please go here: Protected content
and fill out a brief (less than 15 minutes) survey and please consider sending it to your friends and family as well, particularly now while haze is at the level it is. Good luck out there and thank you so much.

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