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Starting a social enterprise in Singapore

Not too sure if this is the right category....

I'm planning to start a social enterprise here in Singapore, it's planned to be sustainable but not profitable. I'm not sure how to go about securing investors as a good portion of the profit will be trickling back down to it's underprivileged employees, either into their pocket to aid with poor living condition, better their living standards by learning a new skills on the side or continuation of their education at least to secondary school and proficiency in English. When they are ready (upgraded), they are encouraged to seek employment elsewhere so that our resources may be used to help more underprivileged to get to their level.
The main objective is create a safety net for those who got left behind and are struggling to at least bring them up to a stage where they can provide for themselves.

I was informed that there's a government body that helps social startups take the first step into realization but I can't seem to find that.

Any advice as to how to go about it, or if you own a social enterprise and are happy sharing some stories, it would be greatly appreciated.

God bless!

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