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Trip To Ranthambore & Taj Mahal (Singapore)

Hello Friends,

I am planning a trip to India in November. Would you like to be part of an extra-ordinary journey with a blend of Wilderness and luxury. It could be the moment of the first encounter with the striped cat, #the Royal Bengal Tiger#; it could be the sudden awestruck that comes taken by surprise by #the unpredictable predators#; it could be finding inspiration through your lens; it could simply be being mesmerized with the orchestra of sounds; or it could simply be being carried away with the thrill of the adventure;

Join the game drive for best viewing of Bengal tiger and other predators in the wild and also visit the seventh wonder of the world - Marble Marvel - TAJ MAHAL.

Please connect with me if your keen to "experience" and "capture" life in the wild. Please PM me your contact details to get further details.

Shikha Sarkar

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