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WANTED:Call for contributors to project by artist (Singapore)

Hey guys, I am a multimedia artist from UK, doing an artists residency with Objectifs Centre for Film and Photography here in Singapore.

In Protected content developed a project about the values and significance placed on ideas around beauty and skin colour in my home town, London. Whilst in residency with Objectifs Centre, I am now developing the second chapter of this project in Singapore, comparing the similarities and differences between these two multicultural societies and would like to speak to as many people as possible who may be interested in participating. Do you tan to get a golden glow, or prefer to go a few shades lighter? Or are you a model, beautician, or work in the media, education or cosmetics industry and have something to say?

I would like to speak to:

o Anyone who has an opinion about how skin tone can have an impact on someone’s life in Singapore. This may be from observing personal experience or common experiences of others.
o Anyone who has used skin lightening products (cosmetics, lotions, creams, injectable products) or anyone who tans their skin darker (spray tan, sun beds, injectable products)
o Beauty industry professionals
o Actors, actresses, models
o University lecturers / academics in sociology, anthropology and history with knowledge of race/ethnicity/skin colour themes
o Educators in primary and secondary schools
o NGOs/Organisations who focus on racial pride/harmony movements
o Media professionals, both those promoting lighter skin and those who are promoting darker shades in their industry
o Manufacturers of skin lightening products
o Medical professionals, esp. dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons
o Tourists to Singapore
o Focus groups organised around this theme
o Anyone in senior/ government positions with an opinion on the subject
o People working in the cosmetics / skin lightening / tanning industry

I will be in Singapore from 5th September to the 29th October. If you would like more information about the project or would like to sign up to participate, please get in touch with me at Protected content Please also pass on this message to anyone you know who may be interested.

Thanks in advance for your time!

FYI **Your participation could involve a simple unrecorded conversation for information purposes only, an online survey, an audio recorded interview, a film interview, or photography, depending on what you would prefer. I will also be setting up appointments for an interactive pop-up studio photography session related to the project, whereby you will receive a professionally taken digital photo of yourself! **

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