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Welcome to Singapore, I need friends please


Hello lovely people,
Hope you are all well? So arrived in Singapore and so far so good but I have Protected content which I need advice and help on. I need to make friends so help. I am London girl at heart and I always lived a 5star life on 2star budget. I dont care what anyone say about Singapore being expensive, I am still will not be wasting the money I earn on living a fake expat lifestyle. I keep it real simple lifestyle, i want a bargain. I will be working at Raffles Place and want to live in affordable accomodation, Actually more like cheap lol. I am happy to share, do you think I can get anything for under S$1k per month including bills? If so what areas? How long will it take me to get into work?

Where can I get Shellac nails done at an affordable price?

What would you say would be the best bank to have for International bank transfers(low transfer cost and good exchange rate) to UK?

Thanks for you help

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