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40+ contacts? (Sofia)

I am looking for like-minded friends/contacts in Sofia: curious 40+'s, people interested in culture/literature/books/opera/music/good food/good wine/cinema/adult conversation/nature, professionals - regardless of whether you are in work or in-between work/missions, Bulgarians/ex-pats - not important.
In other words: people who like me feels it is difficult to meet interesting people in Sofia, if you are not fluent in Bulgarian.....
Therefore: if you are also looking for new - interesting - friends to spend time with on an occasional basis, send me a message and we can maybe meet for a coffee/a drink and see if we "click".
There are many opportunities: we can set up a book club, cinema club, food club, concert club etc etc etc - it depends on whether there are anybody out there with the same need as me and who are interested in getting together.
Please note that this is NOT a dating proposal; I am happily married but like doing things for myself once in a while/broaden my mind through conversation/activities with others.

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